Generates a list specifying the standards to be used when reading and writing GTFS feeds with R. Each list element (also a list) represents a distinct GTFS table, and describes:

  • whether the table is required, optional or conditionally required;

  • the fields that compose the table, including which R data type is best suited to represent it, whether the field is required, optional or conditionally required, and which values it can assume (most relevant to GTFS ENUMs.

Note: the standards list is based on the specification as revised in May 9th, 2022.



A named list, in which each element represents the R equivalent of each GTFS table standard.


GTFS standards were derived from GTFS Schedule Reference. The R data types chosen to represent each GTFS data type are described below:

  • Color = character

  • Currency amount = numeric

  • Currency code = character

  • Date = integer

  • Email = character

  • ENUM = integer

  • ID = character

  • Integer = integer

  • Language code = character

  • Latitude = numeric

  • Longitude = numeric

  • Float = numeric

  • Phone number = character

  • Text = character

  • Time = character

  • Timezone = character

  • URL = character


gtfs_standards <- get_gtfs_standards()